Product Gallery

DDN manufactures a comprehensive series of plastic film products, of which the core items are listed as follows:

Our capacitor film is the key material used in the production of film capacitors. DDN is able to produce diverse BOPP films, including BOPP high-temperature film, ordinary BOPP film, surface-roughened film, and metalized BOPP film, with thicknesses ranging from 2.0u~25u.

Since 2005, DDN has introduced five BOPET production lines consecutively from Bruckner, a German enterprise, which allows our firm to attain an annual production capacity of 100,000T.

DDN has equipped our manufacturing facilities with two agricultural film production lines, supporting an annual production of 30,000T. These two production lines are responsible for the manufacturing of light conversion co-extruded agricultural films, fog resistant agricultural films and thermal insulated multi-functional agricultural films.