Agricultural film

Agricultural film, lithium battery separator film, and form fill seal film

DDN has equipped our manufacturing facilities with two agricultural film production lines, supporting an annual production of 30,000T. These two production lines are responsible for the manufacturing of light conversion co-extruded agricultural films, fog resistant agricultural films and thermal insulated multi-functional agricultural films.
Our finished agricultural films all enjoy a long service life. Today, DDN has become a leading agricultural film manufacturer in China.
Our major agricultural film products are classified as vegetable film, grape film, watermelon film and pickled mustard tuber film.

DDN produces lithium battery separator film production lines, which are involved in the production of electric car battery separator film, energy storage battery separator film, 3C product battery separator film and so on.

DDN has also introduced two form fill seal film production lines, which adopt three-layer extrusion blow molding processes. The production line also enjoys an aesthetic printing effect, which could be efficiently used in four-color printing on both sides of the film.
Our form fill seal film is mainly used as the packaging material for plastic raw materials, chemical fertilizers, fodders, rice, grain and many other goods.

In addition, DDN also introduced four CPP production lines from Bruckner, a German enterprise with annual capacity of 50,000 ton. CPP production lines are ideal for the production of aluminized film, composite film and microwave film. These products are widely used in food packaging, printing, and medical application.